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Private Label Options

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Having a private label is increasingly popular in recent times as more brands are looking for means to expand their customer base. There is a need for your brand to have an attractive label outlook that will captivate the interest of your clients. Doing this have proved to be a wise decision for businesses that want to gain new grounds in the market. Making an order for customized label for your candle jars, scented candles and other home décor products from us gives your brand a fair and competitive advantage over your competitors in the same niche. Having a personalized logo and tagline on your products has several advantages such as a customized brand image, increased loyalty of clients, gaining control of the production, marketing, distribution and profits process, marketing autonomy, and the ability to know more about clients’ inclinations and choices. The sole purpose of having a private label is to create a distinct persona for your product and make it look different from other merchandise of your brand’s contenders. At Hometals, our aim is to help your brand with labels that will in accordance with your company’s specifications. These stipulations from your brand could include your company’s name, product description, company’s logo, and contact information for easy communication with your loyal clients. Hometals is the perfect place to patronize for awesome private labeling experience. With the support of our team of experts, we explore all technical knowledge to offer your brand the most sophisticated labeling that will turn around your brand’s fortune.


Private Label Candle Jars

Hometals can provide private label services for your brand by inscribing your logo on jars and pasting attractive labels on the jars and box. We only require your thoughts on your needs as you select your preferred jar, wax, scent and box that suits your brand’s image. No matter your requirements, Hometals will cater for your labeling needs and ensure you acquire specially made scented candles that will be your brand’s mark. We have an affinity for quality service delivery and excellence so you can be rest assured that we will deliver accordingly. Come to us and have a free quote about your needs. We are definitely here to serve you better.


Hometals want you to have a personalized niche for your brand that will set you apart from your contenders. With a large volume of orders, we can engrave your brand logo to give your brand a classic touch and edge in the industry.


Custom Printing

Hometals offers its clients an opportunity to have their desired design at the forefront of their products. This project is closely monitored and printed by our team of professionals who are creative and innovative. We engage in this service to ensure our clientele acquire their brand’s anticipated expectations.

Logo Sticker Label

Having a logo sticker label is one of the most innovative ways to capture the interest of your costumers. We offer labels that are very strong and have the capacity to withstand heat. Our sticker are available in various sizes and colors ranging from gold, silver, white, black, rose gold and other colour of your choice for your brand’s logo.

We enjoy incredible support from partners in the printing industry which enables us to provide you the best of services. We are sure of offering custom-made logo designs that project your brand’s image.


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