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What we do

At Hometals, we pride ourselves as of the manufacturers that understands every business detail of the clients. Our main aim is to help as many businesses as possible to achieve their set targets. With a resolute mandate to provide valuable products, Hometals offers costumized steel, copper, brass made home décor products for your business that are in accordance with your needs, brand’s objectives and budget. Depending on the needs of your brand, we can provide you wholesale and complete private label manufacturing services for your business. We have a comprehensive and all-embracing clientele base which includes destination chain stores, retails, spas, health resorts, hotels and event management companies.

Chain stores and retail

If you are looking for a manufacturer and supplier for high end home décor products like metal candle holders, vase, bowls, trays, votives and candle jars or containers etc, Hometals is the place where you can buy such products at unbeatable prices. We are also interested in assisting you with product development, private label and wholesale business prospects. As our client or intending customer, our aim is to ensure that your brand looks uniquely different as this will give your brand a positive outlook in the comity of other competitive brands.


If you are a hotel owner, you will agree with us that tourists are likely to come back to your place if they enjoy their previous stay. As a reputable brand, Hometals can provide your hotel with décor products and perfumed candles that will fascinate your guests and make them love your environment. We believe that partnering with us will definitely give your brand an edge over your competitors in the industry as more clients will prefer to lodge in your hotel because of the pleasant savor they perceive during their stay.


Spa owners are not exempted in our esteemed list of clientele as we look forward to add our clinical touch to your business. Your spa must have a purpose and this should be quality service and provision of a soothing environment for your customers that want to calm their nerves. Hometals is poised to work in collaboration with spa owners to make their spa cynosure of all eyes and an enviable brand that customers will love to associate with.


Restaurants are secluded places where we meet with various people ranging from business partners for a business meeting to loved ones on a date or family time-out. We realized that human beings are more attracted to a beautiful setting with nice smelling scent. Hometals is willing to work with restaurants in the area of making available scented candles and fragrances to create a tranquilized atmosphere. Hometals also produce custom-made products for your restaurants and ensure they have an embossed imprint of your brand.

Corporate Events

We are specialists in provision of high end gift items and conference freebies. We also provide signature corporate premium gifting products that differentiate your brand from others.

We have imbibed the culture of excellence over the years and this has helped us to build a strong reputation which has earned us the trust of our clients. You can contact us and share your ideas with us and we will provide credible solutions to your needs. All we need from you is a clear explanation from you about your expectations and we will deliver as specified.

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