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At Hometals, we are committed to the safety of our loyal clients and always emphasize on the need to light your candles in a safe approach. There have been cases of fire outbreak caused by the careless handling of lightings which include candles. This prompted us to give our highly regarded customers a list of precautions to follow for a safe handling. As a matter of fact, we advise strongly that all our clients adhere to all the safety instructions and place a precaution tag on their products with advices and guides on how to burn their candles safely. Here are the listed guidelines we think our clients should pay rapt attention to. We have a belief that if these instructions are strictly adhered to, our clients will have a pleasurable experience with their candles. These guidelines are:

  • Full wax melt pool: Please ensure your candle has a minimum of three to four hours of burning session on early burn until it has stretched to a full melt pool. Doing this will eliminate sapping consequences on your candles.
  • Keep your wick trimmed always: Always ensure your candle wick is trimmed to a size of seven millimeters before you ignite your candle again. If you do this consistently, it will enhance a pleasant burning experience for you. Kindly note that candle wick that is properly trimmed will not give you the desired smoke-free and lovely ambience. Ensure you make use of the right apparatus to trim your wick. Always make use of your candles for a period of at least three to four hours to curb the piling up of soot.
  • For proper use and safety of the environment, we advise our esteemed customers to take note of the wax in its container. If the wax is measured at ten millimeters which is the lowest point; kindly wash in warm water with soap for a thorough cleaning session and make sure you recycle the container.
  • For avoidance of inferno cases, it is better to keep your candles in a safe position and ensure they are kept out of reach of little children who cannot make decisions for themselves. For safety purpose, proper monitoring of your candles should be given a first-hand priority. The best way to monitor your candle is to be physically present while burning it as you will be aware of all happenings so you can easily control it if things are about to go out of hand. Ensure the base support of your candle is rigid. Once the wax in your container has reached its lowest base which is normally 10mm, it is advised you stop the use of the candle as it is likely to be a source of danger.
  • Take note of the flame coming out from your candle. If your candle start to produce high smoke that is too much; kindly put the light off as snuffing is the best option as high flame is dangerous to your health.
  • Do not use water to put off the light on your candle. It is a wise decision to make use of a candle snuffer to take the light off.
  • Try as much as possible to light your candles in a room that is well ventilated.

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