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Metal Containers

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The metal containers come in defferent designs viz, Slight, Cellar, Vault, Curve, Flat, Cask, Taper and Concave. These containers are made out of  copper, brass and steel or aluminum metals. Candles are lit more colorful and brighter in these metal candle containers. The metal containers are considered to be a safe choice as they retains some attributes that differentiate them from other containers made from other materials such as wood, glass and clay.

Slight Design
Slight containers are renowned for their ability to complement scented candles and make the environment in which candles are lit more colorful and brighter. Our Slight candle jars are crafted with premium metals that are durable.

Cellar Design
A great source of decorative ornament for the home and space, the Cellar candle containers are incredibly superb and have several ways you can utilize them. There are various sizes in which our Cellar candle containers are manufactured.

Vault Design
The Vault candle containers are great for corporate events, weddings and homes. Known for their stability and attractiveness, these containers are the amusing choice for elaborate decoration and incredibly strong for keeping your scented candles.

Curve Design
A masterpiece from our line of exquisite candle container designs. Beautifully crafted golden, rose gold copper candle containers are products that show our commitment to both safety and quality of the product. These containers are available in three sizes.

Taper Design
Taper containers are specifically designed to offer candles an incredible outlook and make the space an enviable and scintillating one. Taper containers undoubtedly add elegance to any space. They are classy and will add allure to your candles.

Flat design
Flat candle containers from the stable of Hometals are crafted with the best quality metals and are guaranteed to offer firmness and rigor to ensure they can be used for a longer period.

Cask Design
The Cask containers are made to be flawlessly smooth in structure with a cylindrical shape and come with the lids. These containers are made to create an appealing and amazing ambience in your home or wherever you place them.

Concave design
The concave shape in metal is hard to come by but with the help of our skilled team at factory, you will get your desired quantity and the quality of these Concave candle containers.

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