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We work in partnership with foremost companies who are leaders in the industry. This collaboration is to bring about competitive prices that are affordable for our clients without losing quality. We adhere strictly to the regulations of the industry in exploiting appropriate perfume materials for the production of our candles. Our emphasis is to make candles of premium quality at a cost-effective price. With a team of experts who are well versed in the knowledge of components of mixture to give our clients a classy experience.

Here is the list of scents and you are free to select any scent that suits your collection:

: Plush and gentle, earthy, resinous aroma that is uplifting.


AMBER & YLANG: An appealing mixture of nature’s lavish floral – possess a hint of amber and woods.


ANTI TABAC: Fragrance with an enticing, invigorating and potent strength to overpower any undesirable smell.


APPLE PIE: Blessed with the scent of fresh smith apples suppressed with cream, cinnamon and butter with a clue of newly baked crust.


APPLE & CINNAMON: An incredible mixture of juicy McIntosh apples dotted with spanking ground cinnamon.


AQUA CALMA: Wonderful and spicy Lavender blended with the freshening hints of the bergamot orange for an inviting scent.


ASIAN SPICE: Top notes of this scent are West Indian lime and sweet fennel while the middle notes are a combination of woodsy fragrance, eucalyptus and red rose. The lower hints are an amusing woodsy flavor.


AUTUMN HARVEST: This special bouquet is a combination of spice blend of Anjou pear and fruit with mid notes of cinnamon leaf and a hint of rose and vanilla.


BABY POWDER: This fragrance offers you the sweet aroma that is synonymous with the smell of a newborn nursery.


BAMBOO: This improved fragrance consists of delicate notes such as bergamot and lemon conspicuously stabilized with a root of Yang.


BLACKBERRY AND BAY: Uncommon blend of fresh blackberries with bay and brambly woods that produce a splendid a sweet savor.


BLACKBERRY BLISS: Combination of juicy blackberries, dazzling citrus deftly crushed with fresh herbs to produce a glittering berry fragrance.


BUTTERCREAM: This is a perfect mixture of freshly whipped butter, sugar and smooth vanilla bean.


CANDY APPLE: Awesome fragrance that possesses McIntosh apple hints laced with pleasurable shades of sugar and berry.


CASSIA MYRRH ALOE: Perfect blend of three components; aloe, myrrh and cassia.


CHERRY CORDIAL: A fragrance of chocolate enclosed cherries.


CHOCOLATE: This is a fragrance with scent of gourmet dark chocolate


CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE: A perfect perfume with a creative aroma of recently baked cookies with hints of partially sweet chocolate and vanilla.


CHRISTMAS TREE: This fragrance starts with a top note of fresh fir balsam and pine, coupled with a middle hint of cardamom and pepper with a bottom note of Scotch pine.


CINNAMON: This fragrance offers you an odor of freshly ground cinnamon bark.


CINNAMON BUN: This fragrance has a close feature with a ginger bread cookie and has a smell of freshly baked bread.


CINNAMON STICK: This fragrance has the aroma of fresh cinnamon bay.


CITRUS AND HERBS: A perfume is a mixture of orange and crisp laced with mid notes of basil, geranium and cyclamen and bottom hints of herbs, musk, amber and warm woods.


CITRUS BASIL: Almost the same features of the citrus and herbs fragrance are present in the type, except for the absence of herbs.


CITRUS BREEZE: This type holds a mixture of grapefruit, orange, lemon and tangerine slices with fresh water. It produces a dazzling and sunny citrus flavor with a touch of elegance.


CLAIR DE LUNE: Blessed with a delicate, blissful scent, this enduring floral of French lavender, wild violet and musk shrouds into a sparkling and enticing soul of temperateness and smoothness.


COCONUT: This particular scent is a perfect reminder of suntan lotion as it holds a crispy coconut smell.


COCONUT LIME VERBENA: It is a clear citrus fusion. The coconut lime verbena is spiked with upper notes of lime and mandarin and mid notes of coconut and verbena with bottom hints of sandalwood, musk and cashmere woods.


COTTON BLOSSOM AND LAVENDER: Here is a mixture of lemon and lime as top notes, rare combination of cotton blossom and jasmine as mid notes with bottom hints of sheer musk and blonde woods perfectly mingled with soothing lavender.


COTTON FLOWER: A perfect and blameless musky flowery perfume that is specially made to calm your nerves and make you feel calm.


COTTON CLEAN: A flawless blend of soothing ingredients which consists of top notes of lemon and lime, mid hints of jasmine and cotton blossom and bottom notes of sheer musk and blonde woods.


CRANBERRY CRUSH: An impeccable assortment of sharp berries, a note of citrus taste, and a touch of crisp ginger which makes it a cool choice for fall holidays.


CRÈME BRULE: This holds a perfumed scent of gourmand velvety caramel and vanilla with a hint of chocolate.


CRISPY CLEAN: Specifically a clean laundry perfume mingled with flowery hints with attributes of softness, cleanliness, freshness and flavor.


CUCUMBER MELON: A special mixture of sweet melon flavor with cool and fresh cucumber notes that offers wet summer honeydew.


DELICIOUS APPLES: As the name suggests; this fragrance has a smell of fresh apple blossom and freshly picked apples.


EUCALYPTUS: The eucalyptus fragrance has a powerful entry with its citrus notes mixed with newly picked eucalyptus leaves.


EUCALYPTUS AND MINT: This perfumed brand combines the efforts of mint and cool eucalyptus perfectly mixed with garden herbs and sharp citrus in a bid to create a refreshing, herbal and clean fragrance.


EXOTIC WOOD & CARDAMOM: Blend of exotic rose wood and cardamom produce this while the combo of sandalwood, vetiver and scarce oud wood, tonka bean and amber makes up the component of this fragrance.


FERNS AND PETALS: A classy floral fusion which consists of top notes made of dewy fern and peach, mid notes of violet leaves, orange flower and cyclamen petals with outstanding bottom hints of musk and vetiver.


FIG LEAF AND ALMOND: This fragrance combined the efforts of the fruity sweetness of fig with almond and a woody note of cedar and sandalwood. A shrewd yellow plum note is carefully merged to release a green perfumed fragrance.


FRENCH VANILLA: A classy fragrance that truly represents its name with its scent.


FRENCH CUT GARDENIA: A wonderful blend of gardenia with hints of clover, jasmine, sandalwood and magnolia blossoms.


FRESH CUT GRASS: A graceful scented fragrance which gives you a replica savor of freshly cut grass.


FRESH LINENS: A special laundry fragrance which is a careful mixture of soft back hints of powder and musk.


GRAPEFRUIT: This fragrance offers you the citrus smell that is synonymous with a freshly cut morning grapefruit.


GRAPEFRUIT & TOBACCO LEAF: An unexpected combo! This fragrance produces a delicate merge of ripe grapefruit and hints of tobacco leaf for a taste of exceptional and a scented experience.


HAZELNUT COFFEE: A blend of freshly loomed coffee beans mingled with vanilla with a bottom note of nutty hazelnuts.


HOLIDAY BLISS: A mixture of holiday berries and spices.


HOLLY BERRY: This perfumed fragrance is a perfect fusion of bayberry, pine, cinnamon, clove, lemon rinds and holly berries.


ISLAND BOTANICAL: This is a mixture of humid flowers with base notes of gardenia.


ITALIAN FIG – W SCENT: This is a fragrance of Italian figs perfectly joined with special notes of sensory sandalwood and jasmine.


JAPANESE CHERRY BLOSSOM: An awesome and perfect combination of light musk, jasmines, fruit nuances, lilies cedar wood and Japanese cherry blossoms.


JASMINE: This fragrance has the appealing scent of the attractive and enigmatic Jasmine flower.


JASMINE ROSE: You will love the appealing scent of the Jasmine flower coupled with potent hints of rose petals in this fragrance.


KIWI MELON: Here is a combination of Kiwi, peach and casaba melon with middle notes that contains violet, black currants and jasmine, with a base note of sugar blossom.


LAVENDER: A best seller anytime any day, showered with an aroma of rich and nice-smelling lavender flowers.


LAVENDER AND AMBER: A flawless mixture of true lavender flowers with burnt wood hints of amber that gives you a perfect scent.


LEMON GRASS: Holds a captivating forte because of its richness in lemongrass with top notes of lemon and orange tea with mid hints of freesia and a note of patchouli.


LEMON LAVENDER: Expect a soothing scent as this fragrance is a fusion of lavender and lemon with top notes of pineapple, laced with mid notes of cyclamen and eucalyptus and perfectly completed with a base note of vanilla.


LILAC: It has a reminiscent of a fresh lilac bush


MACINTOSH APPLE: This fragrance possesses the crispest, spiciest and first bite of the Macintosh apple recently picked from the tree.


MAGNOLIA BLOSSOM: A lavishly adoring floral with scented magnolia, white sandalwood and soft amber.


MANGO MANDARIN: This perfumed fragrance is a product of a refreshing scent of newly sliced mandarins and tangerines on a bed of chopped ripe mango.


MIDNIGHT: This fragrance is a macho mixture of eucalyptus and lavender.


MINT & LIME: This crispy fragrance contains fresh mint leaves and juicy lime.


MOONLIGHT PATH: This fragrance boasts of a lavish mixture of blue violets, pure lavender, fresh jasmine and soft musk.


MOUNTAIN BERRY: This fragrance contains mountain berry blossoms and juicy berries.


MULBERRY: This fragrance is a classic mulberry packed with bitter orange rinds and wild berries.


ORANGE: This fragrance has an aroma of freshly squeezed oranges.


ORIENTAL NIGHTS: This fragrance has top notes woodsy patchouli, eucalyptus and red rose while its bottom notes are a plush woodsy flavor.


ORIENTAL SPICES: Possess a potent and energizing scent as a result of the oriental spices prepared under the desert sun with an enticing hint of woody tones.


OUD & BERGAMOT: Boasts of a valued breed of oud from Southern Asia with the fusion of new bergamot and orange granite which is appealing.


PASSION FRUIT AND GUAVA: This fragrance is a combination of passion fruit and guava with strawberries, pineapples, peaches with minor hints of orange.


PATCHOULI: This fragrance is an earthy scent of rich herbal patchouli.


PATCHOULI AND SANDALWOOD: This fragrance is a perfect fusion of patchouli and sandalwood as sandalwood adds a floral dash to an earthy feeling.


PEACH NECTAR: This fragrance is a resonant of a fresh ripened peach.


PEONY: It has an adoring, floral and crumbly form which remains of the premium collection in our range.


PEONY & LEATHER – Mixture of Peonies with a nip of red apple and jasmine rose merged with soft new leather to create a strong fragrance.


PEPPERCORN & CITRUS – A masculine fusion of superb ingredients like pink peppercorn, citrus, peppermint, vetiver, nutmeg, grapefruit, cedar, sandalwood and labdanum. This is an intricate and premium perfumed product that provides a penetrating merge of clean and energetic notes.


PEPPERMINT– This fragrance stays true to the spearmint component in it.


PLUMERIA – This fragrance holds the attributes of a tropical flower and a lily of the valley.


POMEGRANATE – This fragrance offers you the scented bouquet of renewed chopped pomegranate.


PUMPKIN PIE – This fragrance is a robust pumpkin pie scent with resilient cinnamon hints.


RASPBERRY – This scent offers you a typical fresh raspberry adorned with berry notes.


RED CURRANT: This crusty and acerbic bouquet starts with upper notes of black and red currants, cassis, and strawberries; twigged by a sweet mysterious floral rose; with base notes of oak moss and musk.


REFRESHING SPA: This fragrance is a stimulating fusion: with the presence of top notes of peach, apple and leafy greens, and mid notes of cool herbs, heliotrope, cyclamen and lavender with base notes of crystal clear musk and sandalwood.


ROSE AND OUD: This floral smell of damask rose offers an amusing and wonderful hint that is enfolded with murky oud wood with clues of clove.


ROSEMARY BERGAMOT: This fragrance is a soothing assortment of orange with components comprising mid notes of rosemary and lily flavors with bottom hints of vanilla, musk and blonde woods.


SAFFRON AND IRIS: It holds the capacity of saffron, iris and sandalwood which consists of piquant and granular shadows thawed by buttery woody hints.


SAGE & CITRUS: It has an incredible smell of top notes of tangerine, mandarin, lemon husks and ruby red grapefruit, with base notes of crisp sage leaves.


SANDALWOOD: An extraordinary sandalwood fragrance, possessed with suave hint of light floral.


SANDALWOOD & PATCHOULI: This unique fragrance is a balance of patchouli and sandalwood, the odor of patchouli will create a tranquilized and peaceful mood around you.


SENSUAL: This fragrance is an amorous fusion of florals with hints of sandalwood and soft woods.


SENSUAL AMBER: This fragrance has an attractive trace of amber mixed with crisp bergamot, juicy plum, lotus flower and powdery vanilla.


SNOWFLAKE: This is a combination of a cotton clean fragrance with lavender, to create a clear and comforting fragrance.


SPA: Here is a perfect scent to bring incredible mood at the spa. It is a merger of fresh marine and citrus accords with a little note of flowers and musk to create a relaxing fragrance.


SPICED PEAR: This fragrance is a fruit and spice mixture of anjou pear which consists of mid notes of cinnamon leaf and a dash of rose and vanilla.


SPICED PLUM: This is a complete fusion of plum, mulberries and spiced pear.


SPRING DEW: A blend of woody aroma, touch of apple, roses, cyclamen, and jasmine to produce a classy fragrance.


STRAWBERRY: This fragrance holds the properties of a ripened strawberry fruit that is picked freshly from the farm.


STRAWBERRY KIWI: The fragrance is a fusion of fresh strawberry with kiwi melon.


SUGAR COOKIE: This seductive scent has the components of fresh baked sugar cookies.


SUNNY BEACH: This delicate scent is a relaxing combination of natural ingredients like orange blossom, lavender, jasmine, rose and a base note of musk.


SWEET PEA: This fragrance is a heady blend of sweet-smelling pea petals and watery pear with freesia, fresh raspberry, and soft musk.


SWEET GRASS AND SAGE: It has a fresh sweet grass with an exquisite strong sage hint to offset its sweetness. This is a moist, sparkling and charming fragrance.


SWEET SANDALWOOD:  Presence of crisp grains of warm sandalwood is evident in this striking fragrance. Possessed with a classic hint, its buttery vanilla feature complements it with freshness and woody wonder aroma.


TOBACCO LEAF: This product is a crispy citrus top enhanced with juniper berries and woodsy notes of vetiver. It has top notes of lemon, orange, and verbena; trailed by middle hints of juniper berry and hay; all lying on bottom notes of the potency of tobacco.


TROPICAL STORM: This fragrance is a classic mix of coconut, peach and tropical fruits.


TUBEROSE: This fragrance contains a considerable amount of tuberose, jasmine, lily of the valley, and ginger; relaxing on base notes of violet, ylang ylang, peach, vanilla, and fresh woods.


VANILLA: Adorned with a classic and opulent French vanilla scent, and potent vanilla fragrance.


VANILLA LIME: This fragrance holds the forte of a well-mixed blend which is calm and smooth- boasts of affluence of vanilla with tones of sweet cane sugar and the enthusiasm of a lime twist.


VELVET MOSS & CITRUS: A sophisticated fragrance that contains base notes of velvet moss, sheer musk, with properties of top notes of glittering bergamot balanced with tangerine and melon de cavaillon.


WATERMELON: A fragrance with a fresh melon hint mixed with tropical fruits.


WHITE CHERRY BLOSSOM: This fragrance is a seasoned combination of pink Japanese cherry blossoms and fragrant mimosa flower petals, and warm base notes of vanilla, Tonka bean, and oriental woods.


WHITE TEA & GINGER: This is a complex merger of natural components that can give your space a lovely smell. It consists of orange, lemon, peach with mid notes of white tea, ginger and clove and base notes of amber, armoire and warm woods.


WHITE TEA AND AMBER: This fragrance is a sophisticated blend of orange, lemon, peach with mid notes of white tea, ginger and clove and base notes of amber, armoise and warm woods.


WHITE TEA & SPICES: This scent is a nice collection of citrus notes, glamorous spices and attractive jasmine items. An addition of soft tea notes is what made it a complete fragrance worth your cash.


WHITE MUSK: This fragrance holds a classic and outstanding scent that is blistering with floral-white musk mixture.


WILD FIG: This scented product is very potent with almond-kissed fig leaves dried by the sun with a mixture of enhanced sandalwood.


WINTER: This fragrance is result of the mixture of pine with top notes of mint, citrus, nutmeg, cinnamon and clove, mid notes of lavender, eucalyptus and Siberian pine, and base notes of pine, woody and vanilla.


WOODS & PETALS: This scent is a delicate floral assortment that holds properties of top notes of wet fern and peach, with mid notes of orange flower, violet leaves and cyclamen petals with base notes of musk and vetiver.


YLANG YLANG: This fragrance is a combination of ylang flower, jasmine and Asian floral notes.


We adhere strictly to the industry’s regulatory bodies for purity and human safety by producing unique and safe fragrances. Our diverse ranges of products are Phthalate free and safe for the human body.

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